The Casino Storage Room is a small room found in Capital Cashino, and is only reachable with the Chopper Form. This is the room that Sir Scoffsalot must be brought to within certain time limit.

In the area outside below the storage room, there is a 3-slot Slot Machine machine and an Arcade Machine.

Points of Interest Edit

  • Casino Storage Room
    • The storage room contains multi-colored stacked casino chips, a broken slot machine, some boxes, and two paintings facing the wall laying on the wall.
  • Arcade Room
    • The area outside of the storage room with flashing green and purple lights. It contains a slot machine and an arcade machine.

Collectibles Edit

Casino Chips Edit

  • 5 Casino Chips can be obtained at the entrance of the storage room after delivering Sir Scoffsalot to his destination to the storage room.

Quills Edit

  • One Quill can be found on top of the arcade machine
  • Another singular Quill can be found on the ground in the arcade room.

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Trivia Edit

  • There is a square tilted portrait of Dr. Quack hanging on the wall inside of the storage room.

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