The Casino Fountain is a massive water fountain located in the center of Capital Cashino. Three giant golden Corplet statues are built in the center of it.

Yooka and Laylee can enter the waters of the Corplet Marine-infested fountain. In the middle is a fountain pump that can shoot the duo through the tube into the air above the fountain to collect multiple Quills and Casino Chips. Above all of the collectibles is a Butterfly Booster, which can be obtained through the barrel cannon below or by using the Chopper Form to fly up.

Points of Interest Edit

  • Casino Fountain (Upper)
  • Casino Fountain (Underwater)
    • In the center is a pump that can shoot the duo up the fountain through the fountain tube into the air. The pump is blocked by a barrel and must be destroyed by using any attacking ability while using the Buddy Bubble ability.

Collectibles Edit

Butterfly Booster Edit

A Butterfly Booster can be found above all of the collectibles in the air, but it can only be collected through the barrel cannon or Chopper Form.

Casino Chips Edit

  • 4 Casino Chips can be found inside of the fountain underwater.
  • 3 Casino Chips can be obtained after being shot from the fountain tube.

Quills Edit

  • 8 Quills can be found inside the fountain underwater.
  • 12 Quills can be obtained by being shot from the fountain tube.

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