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The Casino Banker (also known as the Banker) is a disguised Capital B who acts as a supporting character in Yooka-Laylee in Capital Cashino.

Name Origin Edit

The name Casino Banker (or simply Banker) was given during the December 2016 update.[1] A real life casino banker is in charge of financial transactions within the casino's bank.

Appearance Edit

As Capital B in disguise, he appears identically to his normal form around Hivory Towers, except he wears the classic glasses-and-moustache disguise. He wears a turquoise tie.

Personality Edit

He has a sneaky personality, as he tries to hide his true colors as Capital B.

Task Edit

For every 10 Casino Chips he is given, he will exchange a Pagie. There are a total of 190 to collect, so 19 of the 25 Pagies come from him.

Location Edit

Directly north of the world's entrance room.

Quotes Edit


Entire Conversation Edit

Entire Conversation.

First time meeting the Casino Banker Edit


"Hello. Do we know you?"

Casino Banker:

"Nope! Absolutely not. You've never met me, the friendly casino banker, before now."


"Phew! For a moment there we thought you were that tubby rent-a-villain Capital B. He's a right loser."

Casino Banker:

"Grrnnn... Oh yes, a right loser..."

"Anyways, 'sirs', allow me to introduce my banking facility."

"By winning the absolutely-not-crooked games in this casino, you'll collect tokens that can be cashed in at my bank."

"If by some miracle you manage to scrape together 10 casino token, each time you do I'll exchange them for a shiny pagie!"

"Just make sure you don't do anything silly like bet all your pagies on black! It'd be a shame if your collection ended up in the banker's vault. Yes, a real crying same..."


"We'd be very silly if we did that!"


"Yeah, that'd be really dumb. A right 'Capital B move'."

Casino Banker:

"Grrrnnn... Yes. Good luck, 'sirs'. Do your best not to go bankrupt in my- ahem, 'our' casino."

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