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The name "Cashino Corplet" is unofficial, and will be changed once an official name has been revealed.

Cashino Corplets are common enemies found in Capital Cashino. They have the same AI as the regular Corplets.

Appearance Edit

Cashino Corplets are open anthropomorphic decks of playing cards. The cards poke out of the top, marked with the letter 'B.' Its arms and legs are made up of multiple levitating red and black poker chips, with yellow chips acting as hands. It has red dice for teeth and a menacing grin accompanied by a dark slit in the card pack for eyes.

Personality Edit

They act aggressive towards Yooka and Laylee.

Variations Edit

Like Corplets, the lead Casino Minions can also wear armor.

Abilities Edit

They can rush at the duo and perform contact damage.

History Edit

Gallery Edit

Screenshots Edit

Trivia Edit

  • While most traditional playing cards have letters on them indicating what royalty the card is (such as 'K' representing the King), Cashino Minions have the letter 'B' on them, relating to the owner of the casino, Capital B.

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