"Welcome 'sirs', to the absolutely-not-crooked Capital Cashino!"
Capital B

Capital Cashino, the fourth world in Yooka-Laylee, is a casino-themed world. The player can find various casino games such as roulette tables, slot machines, Panchinko machines, and card tables to name a few. There are large amounts of gold scattered around the world, possibly being Capital B's revenue from his casino.

For every ten Casino Chips that the duo gives the Casino Banker, the duo will receive one single Pagie from the Casino Banker. However, collecting all Ghost Writers, Quills, completing Hurdle Hijinx twice, defeating I.N.E.P.T. and the Kartos Challenge will award six Pagies in total. The duo will need to collect all 190 Casino Chips in total to obtain all Pagies.

Name Origin Edit

Capital Cashino is simply Capital B's casino combined with the word "cash," implying that Capital B receives a large sum of profit from it.

Points of Interest Edit

Maps Edit

Location of Characters Edit

Character Location
Behind the Corplet Statues near the Casino Banker.
Vendi Transparent
Directly east of the Casino Banker. Also at about the midpoint of the golf course, at ground level by the matching game.
Dr. Puzz
Dr. Puzz
In the area behind the Vendi near the entrance.
Rextro Sixtyfourus
To the right from the entrance area.
On top of the red dice near the corner and walk on the railroad track bridge connecting to a large platform.
Sir Scoffsalot
Sir Scoffsalot
Near the Yooka-Laylee Panchinko Machine.
Sir Shootsalot Render
Sir Shootsalot
Near Dr. Puzz.
Lady Lootsalot
Near the Arcade Machine. While in the Chopper Form, the duo must bomb the breakable walls to reveal her.
Lady Leap-A-Lot
Lady Leapalot
Near the beginning of the mini-golf course, at ground level.

Casino Banker Edit

Directly across the world's spawn point.

Slot Bandits Edit

  • Near Golf Course

Locations of Collectibles Edit

Casino Chips Edit

Casino Chips



  1. On top of Golf Flag (1).
  2. Below the Casino Fountain (4).
  3. Complete a Slot Bandit's Gliding Game (5).
  4. Top of the Water Fountain in the air ().
  5. Get the Special Card for the Slot Bandit (5).
  6. Complete the Capital Cashino Tile Puzzle (5).

While in the Chopper Form, escort the Knights of Hamalot to their desired locations:

  1. Escort Sir Scoffsalot: Within 40 seconds, escort Sir Scoffsalot to the Casino Storage Room. 5
  2. Escort Lady Lootsalot:Within 45 seconds, escort Lady Lootsalot to the Safe room. 5
  3. Escort Sir Shootsalot: Within 40 seconds, escort Sir Shootsalot to the hoop in the Golf Course. 5
  4. Escort Lady Leapalot: Within 40 seconds, escort Lady Leapalot to the hoop on the roof of the house of cards. 5

The Functional Slot Machines:

  1. Make all 3 icons Yooka and Laylee on the normal Slot Machine (7).
  2. Make all 5 icons Yooka and Laylee on the Slot Machine (5).
  3. Make all 3 icons Yooka and Laylee on the inverted Slot Machine (5). The far left switch controls the far right wheel, the middle switch controls the far left wheel, the far right switch controls the middle wheel.
  4. Make all 3 icons Yooka and Laylee on the autoscroll Slot Machine (5). Go to Kartos. Reset the Slot Machine via staying on the far left button until the scrolls are in sync with the middle scroll. Repeat with the right (5).

The Defective Slot Machines. While in the Chopper Form, the duo must shoot missiles at the Defective Slot Machines to reveal 4 Casino Chips:

  1. To the left of the entrance the Power Grid which is somewhat near Normy.
  2. Near the Arcade Machine
  3. Near Dr. Puzz
  4. Near Kartos. It is on the corner on top of the golden die.
  5. Against the blue wall with the Egyptian Hieroglyphics.
  6. Near the Golf Course Slot Bandit
  7. Inside the House of Cards
  8. Inside the Casino Storage Room.

The Slot Bandits Quests

  1. Gliding through hoops
  2. Retrieve Special Card
  3. Clear all enemies in the Wager Laser
  4. Golf Course
  5. Tile Puzzle


  1. Wager Laser (5). Assist the Slot Bandit in clearing all of the Capital Cashino Corplets simulteanously using Laylee's Sonar 'Splosion.
  2. The Pachinko Machines

Pagies Edit

  1. Complete the Kartos Challenge: Complete the Kartos Challenge by collecting 150 Gems. By beating this challenge, the duo will receive Pagie, but the duo will then be forced into the I.N.E.P.T. boss battle. It is impossible to skip out of this boss battle. However, if you die during the fight, you are not required to repeat the Kartos Challenge.
  2. Rextro's Arcade Challenge: Beat Rextro's Hurdle Hijinks at the arcade machine after collecting a Play Coin. The minigame requires the duo to collect quills as they dodge obstacles while running down a linear path.
  3. Rextro's High-Score Challenge: After beating Hurdle Hijinks once, the duo must complete the minigame a second time with a score higher than 24000 points.
  4. Give the Casino Banker 10 Casino Chips. This can be done up to 19 times, the majority of Pagies, in this world are received this way. Check out our Casino Chips guide above for their locations.
  5. Collect all 5 Ghost Writers: Find and collect all five Ghost Writers.
  6. Collect all 200 Quills: Collect all 200 Quills in Capital Cashino.
  7. Boss Battle - I.N.E.P.T.: After beating the Kartos Challenge of Capital Cashino, the duo will automatically start a boss fight with I.N.E.P.T.

Quills Edit

Ghost Writers Edit

Ghost Writers
Ghost Writer Location
Looking at the entrance to the Power Grid, look to your right and up and Normy is on the ledge of the card builing.
In the area with the dance floors
On top of the spinning roulette tables.
At the top most platform in the center with the Corplet Security.
Underneath a crate in "memory shooter" area

Other Collectibles Edit

Collectible Location
Line up three Yooka and Laylee icons on the slot machine near Dr. Puzz. A Mollycool will appear as a reward.
Arcade Token
Play Coin
Line up three Yooka and Laylee icons on the slot machine beside Rextro Sixtyfourus. The Play Coin will appear.
Health Extender
The Health Extender is located above the Golden Corplet Statue.
Power Extender
To collect the Power Extender, ride up the air vent on the side north wall near Kartos.
Pirate Treasure
Pirate Treasure
On top of a lamp directly behind and above the world Entry and Exit. Flappy Flight is required to reach this, as it is very high.

Minigames Edit

The Pachinko Machines

The Slot Machines

World Expansion Effects Edit

The Power Grid

The Memory Game

Gallery Edit

Artwork Edit

Screenshots Edit

Animated Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Egyptian hieroglyphics found in multiple places translate to "Playtonic Games" and "Yooka-Laylee."
  • Capital B calling his casino "fraudulent" and "absolutely-not-crooked" is most likely a reference to some real life casinos suspected of being rigged.
  • An official promotional image of Capital B can be seen on the casino's pachinko machine, as well as an early concept art of what would become Tribalstack Tropics.
  • Kartos, Rextro, the Ghost Writers, and the Quills broke a rule where only the banker can give out Pagies. Rextro broke this rule twice, however, I.N.E.P.T. failed to take the necessary protocols.
  • Version of Yooka-Laylee contained a glitch where the Casino Banker may fail to give all 19 Pagies even if they collected all 190 Casino Tokens. This may happen if the player exchanges too many at once. However, it is possible to exchange 10 Casino Chips at a time and still encounter this glitch. It is also possible to have extra Casino Chips even after 100%ing the world. This was fixed in the Purple and Green patch.
  • This world is similar to Grunty Industries from Banjo-Tooie in different ways.
    • Both world bosses are visually-impaired machines who attack for rule-breaking.
      • Both worlds are for-profit businesses owned by the main antagonist of the game.
  • There is a way to glitch out of bounds. Manage the camera to get inside the player in Helicopter form, and slowly hover through the boundary of any object and until the player warps to a different location or is killed by enemies, the world will glitch, making death by falling out of the world impossible. There will be no floor, allowing the player to fall out of the world.
    • Falling out of the world will not kill the player, instead making them fall infinitely until the player resets the game or warps back to Hivory Towers.

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Locations in Capital Cashino
Capital CashinoCasino Card RoomCasino FountainCasino Storage RoomDance FloorGolf CourseHouse of CardsPachinko MachinesPower GridRoulette PassageSafe RoomSlot BanditsWager Laser

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