Capital B is the final boss to battle in the game. The battle takes place at the highest floor of Hivory Towers in Capital B's "Stationary Cupboard." Defeating him unlocks the "Out of Business" trophy/achievement.


Spoiler Warning!

Office DialogEdit

The scene begins with Yooka and Laylee entering Capital B's office, where Capital B and Dr. Quack have been waiting for them. Yooka introduces himself and Laylee before asking for the One Book back. Capital B replies that the duo have been "Collecting Pagies for him" and demands for the heroes to hand them over, but to no such luck. Knowing that a peaceful negotiation is out of the question, Capital B challenges the pair to a final showdown and makes the platform he is standing on rise up to the room above, knocking over Dr. Quack in the process.

Pre-Battle DialogEdit

Yooka and Laylee take the platform up to Capital B, where he remarks that he can't believe they followed him to his personal "pulverization chamber," which in reality is his Stationary Cupboard. Capital B then tells the pair that after he has made them redundant, he will take their Pagies so his organization can use One Book's power to rewrite the universe. Capital B then proceeds to drink a growth tonic (a tonic not offered by Vendi) and grows larger in size just before the battle begins.

Battle Edit

Stage IEdit

Capital B starts out by throwing out bee hives that spurt out a swarm of bees. Yooka has three options: the Reptile Roll, to avoid the bees, the Sonar 'Splosion, to kill all the bees once they circle him, or the Sonar Shield, to prevent damage from the bees. If the duo avoids being damaged, Capital B starts a tantrum, wherein the player must use the Air Attack or the Tail Twirl to damage him. This lasts 3-4 turns.

Stage IIEdit

Capital B, now hurt, calls Dr. Quack, and asks him to bring Corplet back up, and to make sure that he doesn't mix up the ammo and the Corplets. Quack mixes them up, sending up two Frostberry bushes along with a large amount of Corplets. Capital B will then start to fly around the room, throwing bee hives. The duo can use the Glide, Flappy Flight, or Lizard Leap ability to land 1-3 shots on him. This lasts until Capital B lands, and claims it's time to "move it to the next level".

Stage IIIEdit

Capital B asks Quack to activate the room and wall lasers. This fails, and the roof ends up opening, revealing lime green acid. Capital B will slam himself onto the ground until his cane gets stuck, where the duo can now attack him. Capital B will then start to send out bee hives, which send damaging vibrations, which can be avoided with the Sonar Shield. Capital B will then send out a bee hive with damaging bees, which are avoided like in the first form.

Stage IVEdit

Capital B flies to the center, where he starts sending out explosive stingers. To avoid these, simply fly past him and have the stingers hit Capital B instead. Eventually, he will start flying again. The only way to hit him now is to use the Flappy Flight ability and leading Capital B's homing missiles into Capital B himself. Flying in the other direction that he is flying makes it easier to hit him. Once he is hit enough, he falls off of the roof, and starts the ending scene.

Entire Conversation Edit

The Great Rampo The Great RampoBrrreeze Blok Brrreeze BlokTrev the Tenteyecle Trev the TenteyecleINEPT I.N.E.P.T.Planette PlanetteCapitalBeeHead Capital B

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