Button is a switch that can be activated by using the Buddy Slam ability on the top of it. This object can be found throughout every single world. As the button can activate almost everything, it plays a strong role in the majority of puzzles found in Yooka-Laylee. There is another version of the button which can be stepped on to be activated instead.

When the button is pressed, an illuminated arrow appears and points the player in the direction of the objective. There are two types, square blue-jeweled steppable buttons, and circular red-jeweled Buddy-Slammable ones.

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The red-jeweled button is a large round slab that sports a gold base. A red jewel can be found in the centre of the button, as well as some chiselled designs around the jewel. The blue-mewled button, on the other hand, has a square shape. Unlike the other button, the blue-mewled button does not have an arrow on it.

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  • The button was first seen in the Toybox.

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