Butterflies are insects in Yooka-Laylee that Yooka can either use the Slurp Shot to restore health, or Yooka can collect them by coming into contact with them to partially restore the Power Meter.

Butterflies can be found around the world, contained in wooden crates, or spawn after an enemy has been defeated.

Appearance Edit

These Butterflies are based on Monarch butterflies species. The wings mostly consist of the color orange while the edges are dark purple. They also have long bodies.

Quotes Edit

Upon first collection: Edit

  • "Mmmm .... I'm tasty butterfly energy! Be nice and collect me to refill your power bar!"

Gallery Edit

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Animated Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Verlis gave Playtonic Games the idea that the butterflies should produce a screech sound upon being consumed. At first, Playtonic said that they would think about it, but it ended up being in the final game.

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