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"Grrr! Who dares enter the overly-cramped lair of the mighty Brrreeze Blok? Can't you see this boiler is occupied?!"
― Brrreeze Blok

Brrreeze Blok is the post-expansion boss of Glitterglaze Glacier. He is located inside of the Icymetric Palace inside of Burnie. The cold he puts off prevents the large boiler, Burnie, from igniting his fire. Defeating this boss unlocks the "Knocking Down Walls" trophy/achievement.

Name Origin Edit

The name "Brrreeze Blok" is a play-on-words of "Breeze Block," and "brr," with "brr" referring to the onomatopoeia of shivering, which goes along with the cold environment. A breeze is a gentle wind. Block refers to the fact that he is an ice block, and blocks Burnie from lighting.

Appearance Edit

Brrreeze Blok has a large mane, that consists of pure ice. He has an angry frown on his face. He has two large eyebrows and purple eyes.

Personality Edit

Brrreeze Blok is very protective of his home, and fights to the death to prevent it from being melted. He is also a bit narcissistic and egotistic, as he invades Burnie and refuses to leave, and calls the short time inside Burnie a "reign of terror."

Strategy Edit

There are two methods in which the player can use to defeat Brrreeze Blok:

  1. By using the Slurp Shot ability and eating the nearby Scorchberries, the player can spew fire against Brrreeze Blok to slowly melt him.
  2. If the duo learned the Sonar 'Splosion ability from Moodymaze Marsh, the duo can use it to break the four ice cubes inside the wall the boss moves on. The four broken ice cubes reveal four torches which Yooka can spew fire from the nearby Scorchberries to light them to melt Brrreeze Blok sooner. The fire on the torches only last for a limited amount of time, and can be relit after being put out.

Location Edit

Quotes Edit

Entire Conversation.
Brrreeze Blok:

"Grrr! Who dares enter the overly-cramped lair of the mighty Brrreeze Blok? Can't you see this boiler is occupied?!"


"Hello there. We're just the erm, dentists...Here to check the health of Burnie's molars. Yep, all seems to be in order here..."

Brrreeze Blok:

"Nonsense! You're here to thaw me out and evict my damp, puddle-y remains out of this boiler and onto the street, aren't you?!"


"Pretty much, yeah."

Brrreeze Blok:

"Then I will deliver you a frosty end before you get the chance!"

(When damaged)

Brrreeze Blok:

"Argh! Look what you've done! I'm melting!"

"You two are a right pain in the icicles!"

"I knew buying that 'scorchberry' bush would come back to haunt me!"

(When killed:)

Brrreeze Blok:

"Argh! No! I knew I should have locked the boiler door. What a sad end to my 48-hour reign of terror frosting up this boiler. Tell my family I went out doing what I loved...Firing projectiles at an interspecies buddy-duo."

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Trivia Edit

  • Brrreeze Blok's title, Bookend in Burnie, is a parody of a title for a 1989 American film, Weekend at Bernie's.
  • The dialog between Brrreeze Blok and the duo is similar to the dialog between Banjo and Lord Woo Fak Fak from Banjo-Tooie.
    • The boss asks who intrudes on them, the character makes an excuse, but the boss sees through it. Then, the sarcastic protagonist (Laylee or Kazooie) admits they lied, and both bosses claim they are going to kill them. Then, when both bosses are killed, they talk about their tyrannical reign.

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