Not to be confused with "Blasto", his brother in Shipwreck Creek.

Blastooie is a large anthropomorphic cannon found in Tribalstack Tropics. He has a brother named Blasto, who appears in Shipwreck Creek. Like his brother, Blastooie is accompanied by an unnamed bird companion.

Blastooie will request help from Yooka and Laylee to deliver some 'birthday presents' to his 'friends', when in reality, he desires to hurt a 4-sided Mr. Blowy. He asks the duo to use the Buddy Slam ability on him so he can fire his cannonballs at his 'friends'.

Name Origin Edit

A blast is "a destructive wave of highly compressed air spreading outward from an explosion." When he fires a cannonball, a blast comes out. The "ooie" at the end might allude to Kazooie from Banjo-Kazooie. His brother's name, Blasto, further supports this. It may also be a reference to the naming convention set in Banjo-Tooie (the aforementioned game's sequel), as his name can also be read as "Blas tooie".

Appearance Edit

Blastooie shares the same look as his brother Blasto, but he is twice as big as him. He is a large black cannon with small eyes. His cannon shaft is supported by a wooden cart with iron tires.

Personality Edit

Blastooie acts friendly to those he is friends with, but shows his true personality when he seeks revenge and starts shooting things. During this time, he acts malicious and psychopathic and Laylee describes him as a 'Loose Cannon'.

Quotes Edit

When asking the duo for a favor Edit

  • "Today is their birthday... I was hoping you'd help me deliver my presents."

Hits a Mr. Blowy for the first time Edit

  • "How 'useless' does my cannon look now eh?!"

Hits a Mr. Blowy Edit

  • "Blam! Right in his idiot face!"
  • "Blam! What a mess!"
  • "Did you see that? My cannon ball hit him right in the nose!"

Misses Edit

  • "I've nailed him already..."

Completing the challenge Edit

  • "Blam! That's the last time they mock me!"

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