The Archive is an enclosed library located within Hivory Towers. The entrance can be found through a locked gate close to Rextro's Arcade. The walls in the room are lined from bottom to top with bookshelves, and an aquarium is found in the center. A collectible Pagie can be seen behind a glass wall with multiple doorways.

In one corner of the room, Trowzer can be found near a neon arrow, and Yooka and Laylee will learn the Buddy Bubble move after interacting with him. Once the switch at the bottom of the aquarium has been hit, a passage leading to the Waterworks will open.



A Pagie can be found behind a wall of glass on one of the top shelves. There are numerous doorways to navigate. A few Googly Eyes will attach themselves to letters and attack the duo.


Locations in Hivory Towers
Hivory Towers EntranceTribalstack Tome RoomPublication StationRextro's ArcadeGlitterglaze Tome RoomArchiveWaterworksOutside the FacilityCashino Tome RoomNovelizer 64Novel HovelOffice BuildingDr. Quack's Quack-fire QuizCapital B's OfficeStationary Cupboard

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