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• 5/5/2017

ToyBox easter egg

Hey guys so I remembered something from the ToyBox demo the other day which was a secret ending. If you found it the friendly I.N.E.P.T robot would say in full games release ground pound lone rock next to pirate ship. I found that rock and slammed it and a Cutscene played of a UFO crash and out came the friendly I.N.E.P.T robot. If you speak to it he says loading exposition 50.1% I was wondering if anyone knew about this secret and if there is more to it. Or is it just the robot. Something that does interest me though is if you speak to him again he says demonstrate patience user. This makes me think there is something else bit it cannot be accessed yet. Maybe it's for the upcoming 64bit tonic.
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• 5/7/2017
Maybe you need to play this game to 100% and then something happens
• 5/7/2017
I have beaten the game 100% and still nothing. I thought something would happen aswell.
• 5/10/2017
Nothing as of right now
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