Object vs Item vs Collectible

So, I'm going to put this out there, since we've apparently got ALL kinds of confusion.

We don't really have a set definition for any of these categories, so I'm going to try and define them and hope we can go from there?

1. Object - an interactable portion of the level. Technically, this describes all items and collectibles except Play Tonics, but should be used only for NON-item objects.

2. Item - an interactable portion of the level that can be "picked up" by the characters. Items should be a subcat of Objects, but items shouldn't really BE categorized as an object.

3. Collectible - a REPEATED Item where the goal is to get them all. Collectibles ARE items for the most part, with the SOLE exception of Play Tonics, because they are collectible, however, there is no physical item.

This'll move categories on very few things (ie: Berries/Lick things move to Objects, because you don't pick them up, only interact with them, and Play Tonics removed from the Items category ) but otherwise, the definitions are very close to what we're already using the categories for, mostly?